• This isn't just a comic book.


  • Help us to spread creativity and tolerance in primary schools around the world through comic books

    Creativity & Connectivity

    In light of the predominance of technology and gaming in our modern culture, children are losing opportunities to use their imaginations and connect with each other. We believe that this is a tragic loss, both for each individual child and for society as a whole. This is why we created “Comics Around the World,” a project in which children create their very own comic book and connect with other kids from different cultures.


    Through Comics Around the World, adolescent students continue a previous page’s story, a page created by a class from another country. For example, students in Costa Rica continue the story designed by a class in Colombia, and so on.

    More than a comic book

    Comics around the World is an amazing opportunity to stimulate childrens’ imaginations and to help fix their schools at the same time. We will be REPAIRING SCHOOLS using our architectural skills as we travel to compose the book. Money raised through the campaign will be used to fund the travel expenses of the trip, to purchase furniture, and to sponsor structural repair for schools in need.


    The goal of this project is to get kids excited about reading, writing, and using their imaginations on a daily basis. The completed book will be filled with useful and exciting information about the different cultures of each country.

    The value of the project

    • Connecting Kids from all around the world and sharing their stories to develop compassion and awareness
    • Expressing creativity through creation
    • Learning new vocabulary
    • Introduction to verbal problem-solving
    • Exploration of natural concepts
    • Encouraging children to think, reason, question and create
    • Expansion of the emotional side of children by making them able to take comfort in familiar objects and expanding their minds by trying new things and gaining confidence by achieving success
    • Understanding a sequence of events, and grasping spatial relationships and the concept of time
    • Increasing children’s confidence to make personal choices and share their ideas, thoughts and feelings within their group
  • How it works

    1 country = 1 school = 1 page

    1- Primary schools in low socioeconomic areas


    2- Classes of 11-12 year old students


    3- The Comic's Narrative


    4- Brainstorming & drawing class


    5- We choose 1 page to continue the story and keep the other pages


    6- Connect kids from all around the world

  • Video

    Watch Our Video

    The goal of this project is to get kids excited about reading, writing and develop a habit of using their imagination daily.


  • Visited countries

  • Funding

    The funding will be used to

    • Buy school furniture supplies for those who need them: Some parents cannot afford to pay school supplies for their kids. We will buy sets of pens, books, etc. and distribute them via schools to the pupils in need.
    • Help building or fixing the schools using Adil's architectural skills: Some of the schools we have seen on the road need some minor improvements to their classes. In the past, Adil helped to change the roof of 2 classes in Philippines, new tiles for the primary school in Sri Lanka and ventilation systems for some non-official schools in Kenya.
    • Print the Comic Book: A part of the money raised will be used to print the comic book. We already have an agreement with a publishing house to reduce the cost if we order more than 1,000 copies. It will also depend on how many countries will have been unlocked.
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  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to connect you with creative kids from all around the world

    Adil Gherib

    Adil has been volunteering and working on the road for the past 7 years, often working with children at their schools. He has repeatedly witnessed the immense positive influence creative engagement can have on children.

    Yu Watanabe

    Yu has been volunteering in different schools for disabled kids as an art teacher in South East Asia. Her goal is to empower disabled's integration with the help of art and creativity.

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